Gun Transfer Requirements

All firearm transfers must be compliant with the New York State Safe Act

If a firearm does not meet New York State or Federal laws and regulations, it will be immediately returned to the sender at the customer's expense.

In light of new legislation in New York State, please take the time to ensure your transfer complies with current regulations before ordering / transferring the firearm. 

Every transferred firearm must be shipped with the following items:

  • Copy of the transferor's FFL
  • Functioning gun lock

You MUST notify Precision Armory via phone or email PRIOR to any incoming transfer! 

Have the following information readily available when you contact us to arrange the transfer of ANY firearm: 

  • Your contact information
  • Transferring FFL's contact information  
  • Make/Model/Caliber of the firearm being transferred

Transfer Fees

Incoming Long Guns 

  • $50 per transferred firearm
  • Firearms must be retrieved within 7 business days
  • Storage fees apply *

Incoming Handguns

  • $50 (only current NYS permit holders may transfer handguns) per transferred handgun
  • Storage fees apply *

Outgoing Handgun Transfer

  •  $50 transfer fee ; plus shipping charges