Here at Precision Armory, we offer a wide variety of courses for beginners to seasoned professionals. Our instructors are friendly and patient, and most importantly; combat veterans with over 30+ years of combined service and certified by the NRA.

Pistol Safety Course - $75.00

Utah Pistol Permit Course - $125.00

Live Fire Course - $150.00

For anyone applying for a new permit, interested in learning more about firearms in a safe environment, or having a desire to brush up on the basics. In this informal, hands-on training course, our down-to-earth instructors will ensure that you leave, happy and confident, with an understanding of firearm and ammunition fundamentals, basic marksmanship, safety, and the principles of safe handling and storage. We  are happy to work around YOUR busy schedule to find a class date and time that works well for you.

For more information - give us a call! 845.225.1130

Live Fire & Advanced Courses  - Please Inquire